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Latest News And Information

Check out our Facebook page at for all of the latest news, information, events, and photos.  Our Facebook page has all of our photos and events in addition to the latest information and news.

Resources For Veterans

Resources For Veterans contains information and links for to resources for veterans.  This includes:

1.  The major CRISIS HOTLINES,

2.  National, State, and Local Government Agencies,

3.  Non Governmental agencies, mostly local to Long Island.

4.  Veterans Organizations.

5.  Veteran Support Projects such as Missing in America Project and Wreaths Across America. 

6.  Resource Guides.

Other Veteran Resources

Other Veteran Resources contains information and links for other Veteran related information and support.

COVID-19 Vaccination Information

COVID-19 Vaccination Information contains information and links to schedule appointments for the COVID-19 vaccination.

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