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Check out our Facebook page at for all of the latest news, information, events, and photos.  Our Facebook page has all of our photos and events in addition to the latest information and news.

Post Officers (Elected) - 2022/2023
Richard Wahl

Richard Wahl


Luigi Pisano

Luigi Pisano

1st Vice Commander

Raul Rivera

Raul Rivera

2nd Vice Commander

Patrick Woodward

Patrick Woodward


Jose Rios

Jose Rios

Finance Officer

David Mann

David Mann


Guillermo Perez

Guillermo Perez

Sergeant at Arms

Officers are elected during the May Membership meeting and take office in June. 

Post Officers (Appointed) - 2022/2023
Jose Bou


Pat Forte

Judge Advocate

Richard Wahl

Membership Officer

David Mann

Service Officer

Executive Board - 2022/2023

Commander - Richard Wahl

1st Vice Commander - Luigi Pisano

2nd Vice Commander - Raul Rivera

Adjutant - Patrick Woodward

Finance Officer - Jose Rios

Past Commander - George Egan

Membership Representative - Tom Bergin

Membership Representative - Scott McKendrick

Facility Management
Joseph Gallagher

Dugout Chairman

Chris Conlon

Dugout Manager

Commanders Message

As Commander of American Legion Patchogue Post 269, I would like to welcome you to our Post.  If you are a current member, I hope you can take the time to join us at our monthly Membership meetings held on the second Monday of every month at 8 PM.  We are also open every Friday from 7 PM to 11 PM if you want to drop in and enjoy some conversations with your fellow Veterans.  It really is a brotherhood of Veterans.

If you are a Veteran who served during time of war and have not joined us, please consider it.  Our Post provides the opportunity to relax and enjoy some comradeship.  We are also involved with many community events and Veterans related events.  We all experience a feeling of satisfaction when we know we have gotten involved and provided help and comfort to our fellow Veterans and the community.

Roll Call Of Past Commanders

1919-1920  Dr. Frank Overton

1921-1922  M. Arthur Bosch 

1923-1924  Alfred West

1925-1926  Henry Lessey

1927-1928  Robert R. Ryder

1929-1930  Arthur J. Mullen

1931-1932  Stanton Edwards

1933-1934  Floyd Houston

1935-1936  Victor E. Meyer

1937-1938  John J. Kelly

1939-1940  Karl G. Erhardt

1941-1942  Peter H. Hanson

1943-1944  George W. Buckleman

1945-1946  William Jewett

1947-1948  George Haegele

1949-1950  Frank Ransome

1951-1952  Donald S. Lane

1953-1954  Richard Falk

1955-1956  James Winans

1957-1958  Joseph T. Roy

1959-1960  Robert Pirro

1961-1962  Edward P. Costello

1963-1964  Timothy Stafford

1965-1966  Harry T. Hanson

1967-1968  Kenneth Jones

1969-1970  Donald Baker 

1971-1972  Pete Pino

1973-1974  Leo DeDominico

1975-1976  George Farrell

1977-1978  Albert Buhler

1979-1980  Harvey Berkowitz

1981-1982  Russell Harris

1983-1984  William Jenson

1985-1986  Harry T. Hanson

1987-1988 Robert T. Payne

1989-1990  Woodrow Campbell

1991-1992  Harry C. Murch

1993-1994  Charles H. Champlin

1995-1996  Charles H. Champlin

1997-1998  Harry L. Hanson

1999-2000  Joseph Meiselbach

2001-2002  Joseph Meiselbach

2003-2004  Thomas Bergin

2005-2006  Joseph Gallagher

2007-2008  Thomas Bergin

2009-2010  George W. Egan

2011-2012  John Matuszak

2013-2014  John Matuszak

2015-2016  John Matuszak





1920-1921  Albert Dayton

1922-1923  Earl Turner

1924-1925  Anthony J. Krueger

1926-1927  Maurice Siegel

1928-1929  Emmet Newton

1930-1931  Arthur J. Sherry

1932-1933  Albert Conklin

1934-1935  Alfred C. Snyder

1936-1937  Kenneth Foster

1938-1939  Lawrence Avery

1940-1941  Benjamin Holmes

1942-1943  James Wedick

1944-1945  John J. Kelly

1946-1947  Harrison Weber

1948-1949  Frank Ransome

1950-1951  William Miller

1952-1953  Jerry Wyllins

1954-1955  Frank Andrisani

1956-1957  Robert R. Terry

1958-1959  Harry T. Hanson

1960-1961  Russell Haase

1962-1963  John Biggers

1964-1965  Alfred Chiofola

1966-1967  Harry T. Hanson

1968-1969  Kenneth Jones

1970-1971  James Winters

1972-1973  Anthony Guzzardo

1974-1975  Woodrow Campbell

1976-1977  John Knoth

1978-1979  Frank Palma

1980-1981  Edward O’Connell

1982-1983  Harvey Berkowitz

1984-1985  William Jenson

1986-1987  Robert T. Payne

1988-1989  Frank R. Kiss

1990-1991  Cono Cardiello

1992-1993  Harry C. Murch

1994-1995  Charles H. Champlin

1996-1997  Harry L. Hanson

1998-1999  Harry L. Hanson

2000-2001  Joseph Meiselbach

2002-2003  Vincent Capasso

2004-2005  Joseph Gallagher

2006-2007  Richard Goerke

2008-2009  Thomas Bergin

2010-2011  George W. Egan

2012-2013  John Matuszak

2014-2015  John Matuszak




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